There is a great deal of space in the Sol system.
These are small stories of the people who fill it.

Listen to fragments of the lives of people belonging to three vastly different cultures-- Terrans-- planet-dwellers fighting to maintain the lives they’ve always known in an increasingly-precarious ecosystem, Belters--fiercely independent individualists, scraping out livelihoods on the asteroids and moons of the Sol system, and the Peregrination-- former refugees turned family, struggling simply to exist in the blackness of space.

New episodes the 1st & 3rd
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As an anthology show, Breathing Space wants to bring together a collection of writers, editors, directors, and performers. As such, we're interested in hearing from potential collaborators.See below for our current opportunities.Updated 7/18/22

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We will be opening a casting call for Season 3 in mid-September, 2022

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About the Show

Humanity has left its home on earth, but hasn't quite reached the stars. And life on barren asteroids of the belt, on the volatile moons of Jupiter, on the frozen chunks of ice floating out nowhere in particular... well, it's not easy. But then again, neither is life down in the deep gravity wells, where people are getting on getting by under the thumb of governments that don't care and corporations that do care, but only on what they can exploit.But people are people everywhere.A Mercurian cricket farmer. Two vacuum cowboys on the Saturnian Asteroid Drive. A space pirate with steel-reinforced bones & the strength of a forklift. A household stranded on an asteroid-sized garbage dump. A fleet of refugees-turned mutineers-turned family.People. Just trying to get by.They band together. They form connections. Communities. Families. They help each other and lean on each other. Love each other. And they make life work somehow. And maybe sometimes they find a way to fight back. But mostly they're just people living their little stories against the endless beauty of an indifferent starry sky.

Breathing Space is an anthology Science Fiction Western audio drama, telling small, personal stories of people living in a near-future Sol System, written by a variety of authors in a shared, and collaboratively built universe.Click here for more information about the cast and crew.Episodes air on the first and third Friday of the month.

Star map of the Sol System with labeled planets, stations, & asteroids, made by the Curiosity Station Discovery Museum


And transcripts

Season 3

Far Flung

Coming January 2023

[S02E01] This is a Placeholder Title

Written by An Author

"Pull quote goes here."Ep summery goes hereRead the script here.The Cast
Cast List Goes here

Season 2

Flying Further

Currently Airing

[S02E01] On Rocky Ground & My Stars Will Never Leave Me

On Rocky Ground Written by James Big

My Stars Will Never Leave Me Written by Lee Alder Ketcham Seguinte

"Ari, seriously, if you're receiving this you need to get back here now. We just lost telemetry for C-COWs across half the planet..."A solar storm can kill a ship or rip a station to shreds, but what will it do to a couple on Mars whose relationship is already on the rocks? Does it push them together, or finish tearing them apart?---
"I don't know...Is that what you're looking to hear? I don't know why we come out here. I don't know why we'd rather be falling into the sun in a plastic bag rather than safe and sound somewhere we can breathe as much as we like..."
Where is the line between friendship, and romance? Between rescue, and willful self destruction? In the immediate aftermath of the sentential storm, two shipmates learn the answers to both question.Read the script here.The Cast
On Rocky Ground
Ariel "Ari" Attison is played by Vic Collins
July Lamarie is played by Meredith McKee
Rick Princip is played by M. German
CCOW is played by Bunny
My Stars Will Never Leave Me
Shan is played by JPG
True is Played by Mel Nichols

[S02E02] The Long Way Home From Ceres

Written by Scott Paladin

"It was supposed to be a simple job. But in this line of work, there's so such fucking thing."Dogwalkers take the jobs you can't put in the books. Sometimes, that's taking something for someone it doesn't belong to. Sometimes, it's bringing back something that does. This job is one of the latter. Grey's employer this time is very influential, and very wealthy. And currently missing a child. But when Grey discovers his quarry has been adopted by the Peregrination, things get a great deal more complicated.Read the script here.The Cast
Farza is played by Christine Tardiff
Grey is played by Vic Collins
Link is played by Kasha Mika
Nandri is played by Devin Nelson

[S02E03] The Debt-End Job

Written by Thomas Flemming

"Don't go work for YuKon." My dad said. "You can always just get a job with me at OCP!" Well sorry, Mom! I didn't listen."Two strangers meet at a bar. One is a disgraced former YuKon PR rep at the end of his rope. The other, a career criminal looking for his next score. They soon hatch a plan to steal from one of the richest people in the system. What could possibly go wrong?Read the script here.The Cast
Korrine is played by Emma Johanna Puranen
Mik is played by M. German
Bridger is played by Vic Collins
Preston Jorgensen is played by Thomas Flemming

[S02E04] Ships in the Night

Written by Olivia Cottle

Welcome to Waystation Markets, Store 369. How can we propel you through the stars today?When you work and live on a Waystation Market asteroid, frequented only by people just passing through and refueling, with only your manager for company, you make your own fun. Price spends their shifts musing about the patterns they’ve recognized in the customers who stop here. Every stranger has a story, and Price wonders just how much they’ll factor into those - or how much those factor into them.Read the script here.The Cast
Price is played by Jerry Harris
Manager is played by Eryn Cerise
Big Shot is played by Cassidy Caruso
Curious is played by Cam Clark
Trouble is played by J.D. Jackson
Long Hauler is played by Emma Johanna Puranen
IWM Agent is played by Vic Collins

[S02E05] Solidarity Forever!

Written by Lee Seguinte

Delivery! One anarchist, union-sympathizing ordnance handling, demolitions expert direct from Makhnovshchina, thanks to the YuKon 24-hours anywhere in the system guarantee!The Intrastellar Workers Movement continues to fight for worker’s rights and unionization against megacorporations like YuKon, and they’ve gained an unlikely leader. A small group of IWM members plan and execute an attack on one of the distribution nerve centers of the delivery giant, which happens to be in the middle of a space bus station.Read the script here.The Cast
Gabija Castor is played by Patrick Mendleson
Payseley Cogg is played by Bunny
Eponine "Nine" Haidee is played by James Big
Manda Acterburg is played by Olivia Cottle
Angus Sparacello is played by Alberto J Garcia

[S02E06] Flicker of a Torch

Written by Corvyn Appleby

Any of these stars coulda burned out hundreds of years ago, but we can still stare up long after and not even know the difference.Far from home, a soft-spoken traveler runs into a charismatic stranger in a bar. One tells a true story, and the other one tells a lie. Years in the past, two friends born and raised on an abandoned mining outpost find themselves on diverging paths - one wants to stay, and one plans to leave. Things fall apart, and when they do, they leave behind pieces to be picked up.Read the script here.The Cast
Pa is played by Richard Kreutz-Landry
Lespie is played by Ally Amador
Brighter is played by Kale Brown
Murash is played by Kris Allison

[S02E07] Station at the End of the Universe

Written by Charlie Caruso-Neal

"Have you ever heard of the Station at the End of the Universe? It is told on planets, ships and space stations alike, one that is told late at night... Some say it’s a bright place... Others say it’s derelict and in ruins... Its appearance changes depending on who you ask about it. But you'll always find someone who has seen it.As five friends depart Venus after reuniting, they take time to talk and share their experiences “at the Station” and learn that all of them had terrifying and unexplainable experiences.Read the script here.The CastThe Station at the End of the Universe
Ember Smauk is played by Eryn Cerise
Devan Heights is played by Quill Turner
Luke Kingsley is played by Charlie Neal
Yue Tanaka is played by Ayumi Shinozaki

[S02E08] Let Sleeping Dogs

Written by Scott Paladin

Here's the deal, this is happening, and you're going to find a way to be fine with it, or you're going to have to learn how to breathe vacuum.The crew of the freighter Six Foot Weaver try to capitalize on an opportunity for some quick salvage, but what should have been easy money instead wakes a dormant danger.Read the script here.The Cast
Cameron is played by Rebecca Krause
Romero is played by Zach Jaquays
Carpenter is played by Erika Kaiser
Raimi is played by Scott Paladin

[S02E09] Felina, Goodbye

Written by Erika Kaiser

You come all this way, kid, on what? Some kinda holy quest, some kinda journey? So desperate for that absolution I was talkin’ about that you’ll haunt an old man with hope?An old gunslinger-turned-cricket-farmer gets pulled out of retirement for one last ride to save Felina, the love he thought was lost.Read the script here.The Cast
Theo is played by Scott Paladin
The Kid is played by Jem
Mason is played by M. German

[S02E10] The Train Job

Written by Lee Seguinte

"Does life in the black always end up with someone jumping out the airlock of a ship in motion, kilometers away from anything else with atmo and relying on exo suit thrusters to get them to a ship with a jerry-rigged remote hatch lock, before their O2 runs out?"Two familiar faces work together to steal something a very rich person doesn't need and give it to another very rich person who doesn't need it, as it’s transported from Luna to the Ganymede Exotic Floral Exhibition. It’s a flawless plan, but they didn’t count on running into the law.Read the script here.The Cast
Alfee Augusto is played by Scott Paladin
Marshall Layla Bird is played by Erika Kaiser
Marshal Mack Reyez is played by Ryan Astheimer
Anse is played by Quill Turner
Gasto is played by Corvyn Appleby

[S02E11] Ride, Boldly Ride

Written by Scott Paladin

"Shay Russell, you are under arrest, pursuant to Article two of the—Dusty get your goddamn hand off your gun before I blow it off—pursuant to Article two of the Ceres Accord, I am empowered to take you into custody for transportation back to the jurisdiction of import."Raven Station’s new sheriff, Luce, arrests a dangerous criminal and comes under threat. Aided only by Brother Argyre, a wanderer who has Heard the Call, they must fend off the criminal gang, led by Luce’s old mentor and friend.Read the script here.The Cast
Brother Argyreis played by Interiority
Luce is played by Emma Johanna Puranen
Shay Russel is played by Thom Freitag
Nathe Russel is played by Scott Paladin

[S02E12] The Tale of the Knock at the Airlock

Written by Lee Seguinte

Do you even know what's out there? Corrosive air hot enough to melt lead! Billions of kilograms of pressure. There are clouds of sulfuric acid just floating around!A troop of Venusian Solar Scouts and their fearless leader take an overnight trip to a surface observation and survey station. But what starts as a chance to work on some badges turns into a very strange, and more than a little scary, experience in the dark.Read the script here.The Cast
Gary is played by Thomas Flemming
Ayrik is played by Christine Tardiff
Frank is played by Arielle Click
Keekee is played by Rebecca Kraus
The Shuttle Pilot is played by Charlie Caruso-Neal

[S02E13] The Real Thing

Written by Scott Paladin

"We are putting together the largest change to Family law since Commodore Grandma was alive. It's been a monumental effort and we're not even close to done. But five years from now, the Family will be better off than we've ever been before. That's what I'm doing."Four months after the Peregrination ships Look to the Stars and Find Hope and Forge Sorrow Into Joy saved Arcturus Station from the destruction of the Solar Storm, captains Arturoskin and Calsdottir discuss a complex deal that may change the face of the Peregrination and all who call it their Family.Read the script here.The Cast
Tora Zanches is played by Kris Allison
Eka Amityskin is played by Rue Dickey
Ettienne Calsdottir is played by Christina Mcclain
Evie Yurisdottir is played by Jeremiah
Yuri Arturoskin is played by Scott Paladin

[S02E14] The Gambler

Written by Lee Seguinte

"Don't matter, in the end. They're just words. Person who wrote 'em's long since turned to dust. Guess that's how we all end up, one way or t'other. Words matter more when they're all you got left."On a warm summer's evening, on a train bound for nowhere, I met up with the gambler. We were both too tired to sleep. So we took turns staring out the window at the darkness, the boredom overtook us, and he began to speak.A conversation between two men on a long space flight about family, belonging, and loss.Read the script here.The Cast
Bel Lamar is played by M. German
Daequin is played by JD Jackson
Kinten Lamar is played by Rue Dickey
Loren Naught is played by Steven Zivic
Rake is played by Kris Allison
Ferrah is played by Evan Saft
Jond is played by Kale Brown

[S02E15] ATTN: Mandatory Holiday Briefing

Netpedia Category: HolidaysWaystation Markets Nondenominational Terran Winter Holiday Celebration
Waystation Markets strives to be an inclusive and welcoming environment for customers of all backgrounds. In order to refrain from appearing to...[more]
Sometimes called "Martian New Year," though mostly by non-Martians, is a two-week festival centered around the Martian aphelion, the point in which Mars’ orbit is furthest from the...[more]
A Venusian holiday, celebrated one two two times a Venusian year, which honors love and affection in all its forms. This holiday, sometimes compared to Terran Valentine's Day, is celebrated...[more]
While Christmas as a holiday has its roots in religious celebration, it has been adopted in many locations as a secular holiday honoring family and gift giving. On Terra, this holiday is celebrated through...[more]
Singing the Sorrow Song
While widely practiced amongst Peregrination ships, Singing the Sorrow Song is a highly variable celebration, with traditions and observance dates ranging vastly from ship to ship. The Song...[more]
[Read the script here.]The Cast
I’ll Manage
Price is played by Jerry Harris
Manager is played by Eryn "Cerise" Dearden
Written by Olivia Cottle, edited by Aaron OlsenAphelion Away From Home
Ariel "Ari" Attison is played by Vic
July Lamarr is played by Meredith McKee
Written by James Big, edited by Aaron OlsenThe Shuttle of Knowledge
Satellite Sally is played by Christina McClaine
Asteroid Andy is played by Jerry Harris
Professor Roseline is played by Alice Kyra
Written by Charlie Caruso-Neal, edited by Kale BrownTrapped on Port Kringle
Milky Way is played by Scott Paladin
Star Freighter is played by Olivia Cottle
Low Orbit is played by Thomas Flemming
Mrs MacDougal is played by Mel Nichols
Bill-John is played by Scott Paladin
Svetlana is played by Emma Johanna Puranen
Krastner is played by Quill Turner
James is played by James Big
Written by Michael Panush, edited by Scott PaladinSinging the Sorrow Song
Rian is played by Kris Allison
Kai is played by Paige Koch
Written & edited by Scott PaladinAdvertisements
Comet Kyle is played by Thomas Flemming
The Look And Listen Lad Narrator is played by M. German
The Look And Listen Lad Himself is played by Kasha Mika
Expensivia’s Endangered Species Bone Jewelry Collection Narrator is played by Emily Buza
Colonel Yum-Yum is played by Interiority
Dr. Terrorstein’s One-Shot Injectable Fear Solution Narrator is played by Richard Kreutz-Landry
The advertisements were written by Michael Panush, and edited by Kale BrownThe Netpedia Narrator is played by Kale Brown
Netpedia narration was adapted by Lee Seguinte & edited by Scott Paladin


Season 0

Finding Familiarity

May 2021 - June 2021

[S00E01] Breakdown

Written by Lee Alder Ketcham Seguinte

Spacefaring Vessel Registration
[Ceres Accords 190A-34.12]
Ship Designation: RM63F
Ship Name: Open Sky
Registered Owner: Cal Andrews
Registered Pilot: Cal Andrews
License Type: S1-SR
Licensed through: Ceres Satellite Station 5
Description: single-crewed, short-range vessel, limited cargo capacity, type V 8VAC/Atmo, propulsion class 5CF
Read the script hereThe Cast
Addie is played by Paige Alena
Cal is played by Vanessa Haas

[S00E02] Paradisio, an Omega Hotel Group hotel

Written by Lee Alder Ketcham Seguinte

Is life on the ground getting you down?
Are you feeling stuck in the mud?
Then it’s time to visit paradise!
Paradisio is a privately-owned orbital belonging to Omega Hotel Group, incorporated on Phobos and not subject to Terran law or governance. Guests take responsibility for their own health and safety, and understand that fluctuations in the orbital’s temperature, atmo, power, and gravity may occur. Legal waivers required upon check-in.Read the script hereThe Cast
Terms and conditions read by M. German

[S00E03] You Must Be A Belter, Because You’re Out Of This World: Never Fail Pickup Lines For Terrans

Written by Lee Alder Ketcham Seguinte

“You Must Be A Belter, Because You’re Out Of This World: Never Fail Pickup Lines For Terrans” is packed page-to-page with stunning one-liners guaranteed to get you any guy, gal, or pal out in space.
Listen to this sampler, and then send your first payment of 6.99 to blueline commdress B837583!
DISCLAIMER: Book is intended for entertainment purposes only. The publishing company cannot be held liable for any outcomes that result from use of these lines.
Read the script here.The Cast
Voiced by: Vic Collins, Rue Dickey, Shannon Roby, Thomas Fleming, Vanessa Haas, Charlie Neal, Corvyn Appleby, Landon Corbin, Dusty Hill, Olivia Cottle, Cam Clark, and M. German.)

[S00E04] Blues for the Black

Written by Scott Paladin

Tired from your time out in the cold void of space? Take load off at the Ring and Ray, the finest place on Walden Station for food and refreshment.Bask in the cultured ambiance of our vintage PlayMe(tm) player free piano while you sup on the finest foods, formed in house by our top of the line bioprinter, with finishing touches by our friendly staff. Try a proburger, seared on our imported Cincinnati griddle and topped with pickled garlic cubes. Trying to find a place for that special night out? Come here for a taste of the Green Flash, our signature cocktail, and see if it puts some get-up-and-go in your glands like everyone says.
Head today to Walden Station and find us waiting for you on deck 8 right across from the Ranger Station. You can't miss us.
We'll keep a stool open for ya.Read the script here.The Cast
Slick is played by Scott Paladin
Tower Controller is played by Jeremiah

Season 1

Fading Frontier

June 2021 - January 2022

[S01E01] Goodnight, You Moonlight Ladies

Written by Lee Alder Ketcham Seguinte

"Some of the most beautiful sights in the System lie along the Saturnian Stock Drive, but damned if it ain’t a lonely ride."Two asteroid-wrangling vacuum cowboys--one as worn-in as an old exosuit, one new-minted and still shiny. An entire field of mineral-rich BRONCOs. One chance to round them up and bring them home. And one ship of BRONCO rustlers waiting to make off with the string, and the profit.Read the script here.The Cast
Herschel is played by Thomas Flemming
Anse is played by Quill Turner
Boseman is played by Vic Collins
Gasto is played by Corvyn Appleby

[S01E02] Rat Among Falcons

Written by Scott Paladin

"Welcome to the Forge Sorrow Into Joy, home ship to 152 of The Family."Ships of the Peregrination often rescue those afloat in space. But this time, the person Captain Yuri Arturoskin fishes out of the black is more a problem than potential partner- an angry young pirate with no name.Read the script here.The Cast
Captain Yuri Arturoskin is played by Scott Paladin
Nulla is played by Jermiah
X.O. Blindskin is played by M. German

[S01E03] Take a Number, Get in Line

Written by Erika Kaiser

"You know how we tell a new guy? They kick rocks. It’s human, I guess. We’re tactile sons of bitches, right? There’s some part of our monkey brains that never grows past the stage where you chew on your hands and try to shove blocks into holes."There hasn't been a real war on Terra for 150 years. But that doesn't mean she hasn't needed soldiers. Gabriella Bishop, a former marine who saw more than her share of combat in things that weren't actually wars, has one more chance to keep her classification, and it's in the form of a recently-separated "Orbital Buddy" named Ace. It's just that Ace wants her help about as much as she wants to give it. But sometimes, the only one who can get through to a new veteran is an old one.Read the script hereThe Cast
Gabriella “Gabs” Bishop is played by Erika Kaiser
Alex “Ace” Trelawney is played by M. German
The Veteran's Hotline recording & Clerk are played by Alex Judkins

[S01E04] Objects in Motion

Written by Scott Paladin

"This is Jemma Falcano, Solar Scout troop 316, on the freighter Cantankerous. There are three of us aboard. We are adrift."A troupe of Solar Scouts' attempt to earn their survival badge turns from a simple camping trip in hard vacuum to a life-and-death struggle when an unexpected equipment failure leaves them stranded in an engineless ship, without proper communications, and far outside normal shipping routes.Read the script hereThe Cast
Jemma Falcano is played by Sarah
Ishana Diaz is played by Izzy Trevellian
Veliny Ashgrove is played by Alyssa
Lt. Evie Yurisdottir is played by Jeremiah

[S01E05] The Salvage of the Valentina Tereshkova

Written by Lee Alder Ketcham Seguinte

"Buy me a drink. The stronger the better. And get the funds transferred. When they’re in my account, and the drink’s in me, I’ll tell you what you want to know. The entire story of the salvage of the Valentina Tereshkova."They've got reliable information about a luxury cruise ship, completely intact and ready to be salvaged. What could go wrong?Read the script here.The Cast
Dowe Maddox is played by Izzy Trevellian

[S01E06] Wayfaring Strangers

Written by Michael Panush

I’m a NoGo—No Home, Going Anywhere. I been that way since I was knee-high. My mother gave me a name, but I won’t bore you with it.Three short stories about the lives of NoGos, wanderers who travel the System via stolen trips in cargo holds and overlooked corners, and who have their own ways of understanding friendship, loyalty, and honor.Read the script here.The Cast
The NoGo's Way
Zero Gravity is played by Thomas Flemming
Dr. Gold is played by Thom Freitag
The Candy Comet
Star Freighter is played by Olivia Cottle
Red Janey is played by Paige Alena
Zirconium Jaw is played by Quill Turner
Buddy is played by Zach Jaquays
Ensign Rawlings is played by Charlie Neal
The Llamas are played by llamas
Over Jordan
Steel Thumb is played by Scott Paladin
Captain Granville is played by Siobhan
Nurse Nott is played by Cam Clark

[S01E07] Oh Beautiful For Heroes Proved

Written by Lee Alder Ketcham Seguinte

"I wouldn't blame you if you don't want to risk throwing away your life on some kind of revenge mission that might not have even a chance of succeeding. But it's him. And this may be the only chance we have to make him pay."Once, they were a unit of skilled individuals, hunting some of the System's most dangerous terrorists. Now, they're nothing more than a professor, a hydroponics engineer, and a paper pusher in the Terran navy. But when they're given the chance to finish their last mission, to capture the man who killed their commander, even 10 years of inaction can't hold them back.Read the script here.The Cast
Luna Beck is played by Shannon Roby
Lucien Sayid is played by Adam Morton
Brando Finn is played by Sonny Costa
El Radamacher is played by Cam Clark
Helen Nnamdisdottir is played by Paige Alena
Comm is played by Kris Alison
Hodge Carrington is played by Scott Paladin

[S01E08] Three Stories From the System

Written by Lee Seguinte & Scott Paladin

This is the Blue Lady, greencast to all local, anybody in the neighborhood?It gets mighty lonely in the black. Every spacer knows that really, when it comes down to it, they're on their own. Especially if you fly solo. And when you're on your own out there, a ship malfunction isn't a temporary inconvenience. It's a death threat.--That's how it is everywhere, Cal. People'r out for themselves. An' they'll do whatever they got to to come out on top.An asteroid community has to stick together to survive. People need to trust you have their back. But what if you aren't who everyone thinks you are?--"There she is. The love of my life. Maybe if I leave now she won't have noticed me. "Dog Walkers take the jobs you can't put on the books. In that line of work, it pays to have friends in every port. Unfortunately for Kell, this job is going to bring her back to the one station where she doesn't.Read the script here.The Cast
Slick is played by Scott Paladin
Bronsspouse is played by Cam Clarke
Camdenskin is played by Quill Turner
Badger Game
Cal is played by Vanessa Haas
Addie is played by Paige Alena
John Mark Casupang is played by James
Hello Again From Raven Station
Kell is played by Erika Kaiser
Maeve is played by M. German
Lance is played by Scott Paladin

[S01E09] The Next Big Thing

Written by Scott Paladin

"The Peregrination is a simultaneously anarchic and strongly collectivist group. They're idiosyncratic and down right paranoid. Probably the largest isolated population of people in the solar system."Vista Unlimited has both the money and materials to expand their Jovian settlement. What they don't have is the ships to carry it there. In an attempt to secure the use of single largest fleet in the System, their agent seeks an audience with the Peregrination. They've done the planning, detailed the budget, what they haven't counted on is that gaining the cooperation of the Family might require something more than ready cash.Read the script here.The Cast
Tora Zanches is played by Kris Allison
Bahram Atarah is played by Thomas Flemming
Etianne Calsdottir is played by Christina McClaine
Eka Amityskin is played by Rue Dickey
Alizia Stokes is played by Rebecca Krause
Bahram Atarah is played by Thomas Flemming

[S01E10] Attention, Associates!

Written by Lee Alder Ketcham Seguinte

"Attention Associates! This is a reminder that inappropriate behavior with other team members is strictly prohibited by YuKon. If you wonder if you shouldn’t talk to someone, be smart, and don’t! And remember! You put the Yu in YuKon!"Welcome to YuKon Production and Fabrication Facility 1990, a company-owned asteroid community for employees of the digital retailer (with the System's only "anywhere in 24!" shipping guarantee). We have everything you need, from housing, to education, to entertainment all conveniently close to your places of employment! Just remember to stay productive! Marks against your record may limit your opportunities for apartment rentals, public transit passes, and other YuKon provided services.Read the script here.The Cast
The Voice of YuKon is played by Jeremiah
Jamila Batori is played by Vanessa Haas
The RemoteManager Droid is played by Bunny
Dr. Gold is played by Thom Freitag
Manda Acterberg is played by Olivia Cottle
Angus Sparacello is played by AJ Garcia
Lynette Momoka is played by Rue Dickey
Mariam Momoka is played by

[S01E11] The Greatest Show Off Earth

Written by Scott Paladin

"The Carnivale di Vagabondi Stellari offers any entertainment a soul could desire. Wonders to delight the senses and baffle reason. One may see things here that are no where else in this universe.Like so many ventures in these precarious times, the Carnivale needs new investors. Sometimes, acquiring them just takes putting on a good show. Luckily, that's exactly what Alois Ilmater and their troupe do best.Read the script hereThe Cast
The Greatest Show Off Earth
Alois Ilmater is played by Emily Buza
Ramon is played by M. German
Buxley Bones is played by Zach Jaquays
Dr. Zed Wild is played by Vic Collins
Tiffany is played by Paige Alena
Vixy is played by Paige Alena
Archie is played by M. German
Elexa is played by Siobhan

[S01E12] I Walk These Hills

Written by Scott Paladin

"Jo Brand is dead and I am his memorial. I'm a reconstruction. My face is sourced from photos and video. My voice is a mimic, using recordings from life as a blueprint."There are Salvagers, and there are Vultures. One breaks down derelict ships for resale, one stands back and waits for ships in distress to become derelict. Which one was Josephine Brand? Only her ghost knows the real story.Read the script here.The Cast
The Ghost of Josephine Brand is played by Mere
Tess is played by Christine Tardiff
Maria is played by Mel Nichols

[S01E13] Advanced Readings in Theoretical Helioseismology

Written by Lee Alder Ketcham Seguinte

That's the kind of "interesting" that means "potentially catastrophic and largely unexpected" isn't it?The scientists on the Occulohelios Solar Research Station know that something big is coming. That the end of this 11 year solar cycle is going to bring with it a solar storm of unprecedented proportions, and effects that will echo through the System. They know, and the have the data to prove it. But catastrophe isn't marketable. And evacuation doesn't make sales. It's hard to convince people to prepare for a disaster, when the news is telling them it doesn't really exist.Read the script here.The Cast
Dr. Modu Page is played by Luca
Dr. Septimus Novak is played by M. German
Dr. Senja Reitfelt is played by Cam Clarke
Dr. Danielle Kotanesku is played by Christina McClaine
Dr. Markus Medina is played by Thom Freitag
Marina Wescott is played by Lilth
Felicity Fumero is played by Paige Alena
Newt Wiggan is played by David Luzader

[S01E14 & 15] We Interrupt This Program Parts 1 & 2

Written by Erika Kaiser, Lee Alder Ketcham Seguinte, & Scott Paladin

Good evening. Tonight, on the eve of a new century, the solar system finds itself on leading edge of a disturbance within our sun, the star on which all our worlds rely, which ties them together. A disturbance unlike any in recorded history. This is Felicity Fumero, Nova News Network, Redline U142, reporting from Rogers Station.Read Part 1 here.Read Part 2 here.The Cast
Newton Wiggin was voiced by David Luzader
Felicity Fumero was voiced by Paige Alena
The Voice of YuKon was voiced by JeremiahJamila Batori was voiced by Vanessa Haas
Angus Sparacello was voiced by AJ Garcia
Manda Acterberg was voiced by Olivia Cottle
Lynette Momoka was voiced by Rue Dickey
Bahram Atarah was voiced by Thomas Flemming
Vale was voiced by James Big
Alois Ilmater was voiced by Emily Buza
Buxley Bones was voiced by Zach Jaquays
Elexa was voiced by Siobhan
Gabriella “Gabs” Bishop was voiced by Erika Kaiser
Alex “Ace” Trelawney was voiced by M. German
Ishana Diaz was voiced by Izzy Trevellian
Jemma Falcano was voiced by Sarah
Veliny Ashgrove was voiced by Alyssa
Luna Beck was voiced by Shannon RobyYuri Arturoskin was voiced by Scott Paladin
Etianne Calsdottir was voiced by Christina McClaine
Viktor Kirstiskin was voiced by Vic Collins
Evie Yurisdottir was voiced by JeremiahAnse was voiced by Quill Turner
Gasto was voiced by Corvyn Appleby
Additional Voice work by Olivia Cottle, James, M German, Paige Alena, Von Mahady, and Scott Paladin


As the origin of all life in the System, Terra sees itself as the natural source of leadership for humanity. However, given the fact that Terra's many terrestrial governments do not agree about how that leadership should be structured, it seems unlikely that this will ever come to be.As likely to fight amongst themselves as against extra-terrestrial forces, Terra has yet to come together enough to address the many pressing environmental crises that plague it. A densely-populated planet, it is home to approximately 75% of humans, living in the ever-shrinking habitable land available between the rising oceans.No matter what they say about the planet publicly, most Belters, and many inhabitants of other planets view Terra as an almost paradisal place, and Terrans as soft and spoiled by its bounty.

The Belt
The Peregrination

The Belt

Referring generally to all non-planetary settlements in the system, the Belt is made up of a range of human-occupied spaces, including terraformed asteroids, habitat bubble communities, space stations, mining rigs, and all the various independent ships that travel between them.Fiercely insistent on individual autonomy and independent government, there is not a single authority in the Belt speaking for all its inhabitance. Though generally bound by the Ceres Accords, each community has the right to make and enforce their own system of laws.Despite, or perhaps because of, their almost fanatical need for self-determination, Belter culture hinges on voluntary collaboration, and the voluntary sharing of resources, labor, and information.

The Peregrination

The Peregrination

The Peregrination, or the Family, as they refer to themselves, is a tightly-knit, insular community of people living on large space ships, constantly at motion in the spaces between the stars and stations of the System.The survivors of a tragedy several generations prior that left them refugees, the Peregrinationals have turned their lack of a stable homeworld into a source of strength and community.Though they interact with the other governments of the System, they remain apart and outside from the struggles for power over both territory and resources that embroil Terra and the Belt.

The Belt